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Assistance in setting up Hong Kong companies and offshore companies
   such as the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands,
   Samoa, etc.

Offshore companies may be used for various purposes such as tax saving, wealth protection, privacy, etc. Persons wishing to utilize these benefits need to ensure that they comply with applicable onshore laws and should obtain professional tax advice if necessary.

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Assistance in setting up of representative offices and Wholly
   Foreign-Owned Enterprises ("WFOE") in China

With an extensive network of China contacts, we may assist clients to set up representative offices and WFOE in China.

A representative office is not a separate legal entity. They are not allowed to carry out direct profits business activities. However, they are allowed and encouraged to conduct such indirect operational activities as liaison for business purposes, introduction of products, market research and technology exchange among others.

WFOE is a separate legal entity and is allowed to carry out business activities in China. However, not all industries are qualified for setting up a WFOE in China.

Assistance in setting up a branch or a representative office of a foreign
   company in Hong Kong

A foreign company may establish a branch office in Hong Kong by registering the foreign company as an oversea company in Hong Kong under Part XI of the Companies Ordinance. Furthermore, a foreign company may set up a representative office in Hong Kong. We may assist our clients on these matters.

Assistance in bank account opening and management

We may prepare the bank forms and necessary corporate documents for our clients in relation to the bank account opening. We may also manage the accounts on our clients' behalf and according to clients' instructions.

Acting as the company secretary as required by the Companies

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, every limited company must have a company secretary and report changes of details of the company to the government authority within a time limit. Our services cover:

  • maintenance and safe custody of statutory records as required by the Companies Ordinance

  • arranging and attending meetings of directors and shareholders and preparation of minutes

  • preparing and filing of statutory documents as required by the Companies Ordinance

  • renewal of Business Registration Certificate

Provision of registered office/correspondence address facility

Every Hong Kong limited company must have a Hong Kong registered office according to the Companies Ordinance. Clients, especially overseas clients, may register our office address as the company's registered office. We will forward the correspondence to the designated address periodically.

Provision of virtual office services

We may provide:

  1. A local and independent telephone line;
  2. Telephone answering services under your company name;
  3. Call forwarding or message taking;
  4. Fax and mail receiving and forwarding;
  5. Shared conference room.

Provision of nominee directors/shareholders services

The details of directors and shareholders are required to be disclosed on public record. Clients who do not want to disclose their identities on the public record for personal reasons may appoint us as their nominee directors or shareholders. Nominee director and shareholder agreements will be signed to protect the interests of principals and beneficial owners.

Assistance in company's dissolution

Companies can be dissolved by way of winding up or applying for de-registration. We would review the client's records and advise clients the best way to dissolve the companies.